Programação do Evento - Dia 11 / Sala 01

Horário Tema Palestrantes
08:20h – 08:30h  Welcome  Gisele Silva
08:30h – 09:00h Neurocritical without Borders José Suarez
09:00h – 10:30h Clinical Guidelines in Neurocritical Care Moderators: GISELE SILVA
09:00h – 09:15h  Intracerebral Hemorrhage/Reversal of Antithrombotics in Intracranial Hemorrhage Stefan Schwab
09:15h – 09:30h  Fluid management J Claude Hemphil
09:30h - 09:45h  Status Epilepticus Gretchen Brophy
09:45h – 10:00h  Family-Centered Care in Neuro-ICU Populations Maramélia Miranda
10:00h – 10:15h  Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Jorge Mejia
10:15h – 10:30h  Ischemic Stroke 2018 Gisele Silva 
10:30h – 10:50h  COFFEE  
10:50h – 11:50h  Clinical Challenges Session  Moderators: GEERT MEYFROIDT and TAMER ANDELHAK 
10:50h – 11:20h Managing shivering in targeted temperature management Mary Kay Border
11:20h – 11:50h  Brainstem or entire brain-based declaration of death Panos Varellas
11:50h - 12:50h  Neurocritical Care in Low and Middle Income Countries  Moderators: FÁBIO MACHADO and MANUEL HIBAJA
11:50h – 12:05h Management of severe TBI Walter Widetta
12:05h – 12:20h Challenges in optimal SAH care Airton Leonardo
12:20h – 12:35h Implementing advanced ischemic stroke best practice Maraméla Miranda
12:35h - 12:50h Developing a Neurocritical Care Program in Latin America Nelson Maldonado
13:00h - 14:00h Advanced neurophysiology in Neurocritical Care- Satellite Symposium SINAPSE Moderators: PEDRO KURTZ and DANIEL SANTOS
13:00h – 13:15h Advaned Neurosonology in the ICU Gabriel de Freitas
13:15h – 13:30h Contemporary Intraoperative Neuroprotection Paulo Kimaid
13:30h – 13:45h Restarting therapeutic anticoagulation in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage and mechanical heart valves Jan Classen
13:45h – 14:00h Discussion   
13:00h - 14:00h LUNCH  
14:00h -15:40h Practical issues in SAH Moderators: AIRTON LEONARDO and JEN FRONTERA
14:00h – 14:15h  CSF drainage and ICP monitoring Hagen Huttner
14:15h – 14:20h Discussion  
14:20h – 14:35h Early Brain Injury Gene Sung
14:35h – 14:40h Discussion  
14:40h – 14:55h Hemodynamic optimization after the HIMALAIA trial: what changed? Jose Suarez
14:55h – 15:00h Discussion  
15:00h – 15:15h Treating the Aneurysm: individualized patient selection Amir Hassan
15:15h – 15:20h  Discussion  
15:20h – 15:35h  Early detection and Management of DCI Jamary Oliveira
15:35h – 15:40h Discussion  
15:40h – 16:00h  COFFEE  
16:00h – 17:00h  Brain Dysfunction in the ICU Moderators: FERNANDO BOZZA and SANDRO OLIVEIRA
16:00h – 16:10h  Delirium and Sepsis-associated encephalopathy Alvaro Rea Neto
16:10h – 16:20h  Monitoring Brain Dysfunction in the ICU Pedro Kurtz
16:20h – 16:30h Discussion  
16:30h – 16:40h  Periodic discharges and predicting seizure risk: what we learned? Jan Classen
16:40h – 16:50h Long-term consequences Tarek Sharshar
16:50h – 17:00h Discussion   
17:00h – 18:20h Clinical Trials Update Moderators: DANIEL  BEZERRA and DANILO FISHER
17:00h – 17:15h  TRAIN study Cassia Righy
17:15h – 17:20h  Discussion  
17:20h – 17:35h Resilient and Dawn trials Raul Nogueira
17:35h – 17:40h Discussion  
17:40 – 17:55h DEFUSE 3 Trial Santiago Ortega
17:55h – 18:00h Discussion  
18:00h – 18:15h EuroHYP-1 Stefan Schawb
18:15h – 18:20h Discussion